A fisherman friend helped me join these two derelict cove-boats together to make the WOODEN WHALER. Clinker boats and cove fishing are from a way of live that’s fast disappearing in Cornwall. THE NAVIGATORS is moored at HAYS GALLERIA. Aground in a pool in the Pool of LONDON, the Iron Fish dreams of pack ice, typhoons, uncertain islands, storms and tea-cups.

Public sculptures have been usually commissioned for specific outdoor sites, urban and rural. Built in a variety of scales and materials: industrial scrap-metal, galvanised steel, timber, masonry, cast iron, bronze and mosaic, depending on budget and site.

Ghost boxes, God-dollies, shrines and votive objects. The reconstructed relics of a people who could send pictures in the wind.

Where man has not been to give them names objects on desert islands do not know what they are.

There was once a clever tribe Whose knowledge tied the four corners of the world together.

Combining sculptures (mostly made from objects found on site) and performance, in dramatic locations on wild Atlantic beaches, cliff-tops and derelict mine workings.

The bright orange petals of the HIGHWAY PLANT are a familiar sight on highways and byways throughout the land.

Obsolete industrial machinery and technology provide the raw materials and theme for these relics and reconstructions from the Late Iron Age.

The ANCIENT FORESTER, built from tree parts, was commissioned by the Forestry Commission for the visitors car-park in GRIZEDALE FOREST.

Tribal masks from the Tailight Society, relics from a late iron age site